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Made for Ease of Use!

Introducing INGA, the innovative Cargo Bike designed from the ground-up to enhance every aspect of your daily life. Whether you're heading to the office, the supermarket, the gym, or meeting friends, the INGA Cargo Bike, featuring its revolutionary Solar Box, provides ample storage space while maintaining a compact and incredibly agile design, both when loaded and unloaded. It truly represents the epitome of the Ultimate Urban Vehicle on two wheels!

INGA (7)_edited.png

Solar Powered

Enjoy our Nature-Based Mobility Solution!

For the first time ever, high-efficiency solar cells have been seamlessly integrated into the body of our vehicle. By simply leaving your bike exposed to the sun, you can harness its power. Just a few hours of sunlight are enough to sustain your daily mobility and logistics needs! Embrace this eco-friendly solution and experience the convenience of renewable energy to fuel your journeys.


Simple and Minimalistic

Simple yet elegant design.


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