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The Case for Universal Battery Swap

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

The most expensive part of electric vehicles (EVs) is Battery. It contribute to more than 50% of the total cost of the vehicle. Battery Swap would lower the cost of EVs by allowing the most expensive part of EVs to be shared.

Further, Battery Swap will massively reduce the charging-wait time that is needed to charge the vehicle. The swap-and-go scheme not only eliminates the annoying delay but also maximizes vehicle up-time, extending the available hours for revenue-making for operators. Another important benefit is that the vehicle doesn’t need to go anywhere to be recharged. You can order battery delivery to transported to your location, optimizing the process by reducing unnecessary recharging trips.

In addition, Battery Swap lower infrastructure costs since building charging stations require high infrastructure costs and it is limit where riders can take the vehicles. Instead, Battery Swap cabinets can be installed in any convenience store and have a plug-in-plug-out system which makes them more cost effective in terms of space needed while do not necessarily require use of public space.

It won’t be long before Battery Swap solution will fulfill the recharging requirements of cars, mopeds, bikes and scooters. In this case, a universal Battery Swap cabinets will be the future for Micro-Mobility sector. In fact, Gogoro, already have a network of 1 900 stations across Taiwan. With that they complete 200 000 battery swaps a day.


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