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Awards and Honors

2021 Future Hamburg Award-Infinite Mobility.jpeg

Mobility powered by the Sun

Founded in 2020, the startup develops lightweight vehicles powered by solar energy for urban mobility. The startup thus offers new solutions for the last mile. The jury experts were particularly impressed by the wide range of possible applications and the high disruption potential of the business idea, which is still in the pre-seed phase. If the startup's predictions are confirmed, Infinite Mobility will quickly be able to achieve high market shares. Therefore, the startup is also a highly interesting case for the ITS to be held in Hamburg in the fall of 2021.


Norwegian startup Infinite Mobility manufactures solar-powered electric vehicles for urban mobility and last-mile delivery. It designs right-sized vehicles to tackle traffic congestion. It ensures a minimal space footprint and offers a sustainable alternative to larger vehicles that cause excessive noise and air pollution. The vehicle’s body is integrated with solar photovoltaic cells that generate electricity to power the EV. The EV also enables charging when stuck in traffic, thereby enhancing passenger convenience.

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